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Please feel free to add your website to our directory. This is a human edited web directory. We will accept all listings that meet our quality standards and submission guidelines.



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Welcome to Officialdir, your deep linking web directory. Officialdir is edited manually by a dedicated  team, that strives to keep it clean and qualitative. We are offering different packages to list your website. There is a free way, you only need to link back to us (reciprocal link), and if you don’t want to link to us you can choose for the advanced package, it will only cost you a small submission fee. The premium package is the “all-inclusive” featured listing, multiple deep links to your web pages, links to all your social networks and 24 hours review time. All listings are permanent, we will never delete them. Just join us today, it will bring you more natural traffic and help your website to rank better on the search engine result pages.


What are the different types ?

A directory can be general, specialized (thematic) or geographical:

  • the general directories are listing websites from different categories
  • specialized and thematic directories are focusing exclusively on websites or web pages dealing with a certain subject, or intended for a certain audience
  • lastly, geographical directories can be generalist or specialized; in both cases, they are relative to a country, a region, a locality.

Unlike search engines , submissions in directories are done by humans. Three models are in competition:

  • The “enterprise” model: a company adopts this activity to provide a service, often free of charge for general directories. Revenues are based on advertising and / or optional services.
  • The “community” or “collaborative” model: volunteers take responsibility for part of the directory tree, according to their interests, skills and availability. They select the websites proposed in their part of the directory, according to the project’s policy. Open Directory Project is an example of a directory using this model.
  • The robot-pre-filled community-wiki model: A robot crawl and sucks public data contents to pre-populate the indexed directory and the community takes it over to classify and re-index informational and commercial content. Like Wikipedia, the idea is to rely on the knowledge of each visitor. The model is an example of a directory using this model to list existing domain names around the world.

With the development of search engines such as AltaVista and Google , Web directories have lost their interest for users, especially  general directories. They have a lot of trouble struggling with the speed and ease of use of modern search engines. Thus in 2014, Yahoo closed its Yahoo Directory service. This directory was at the origin of the creation of the company twenty years ago.

Today web directories are regularly used in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by professional or amateur SEOs as they provide hyperlinks to their websites. Obtaining these links gives value to these sites from the perspective of search engines, which is likely to favor their positioning in the search results.

Beyond that, a moderated modern web directory still allows to find quality sites since they were accepted in the directory after a human verification, contrary to the engines which are based on a algorithm.

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